Animate with Ease and Superiority

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Ever wonder how one can generate an animated image online without it being a YouTube link to an actual video? Although that platform is the most popular, sometimes one wants a direct animated image on the site itself that plays a short segment without requiring a video feed.  This is often an issue in social media and forum sites where people share actual photos and animated images, most commonly known as GIFs. Whether it’s to show something hilarious the neighbor’s cat was caught doing or perhaps a 10 second animation of an exercise technique, such small files make it easier to see when it’s embedded in the text of the website rather than having to view the whole YouTube link.

SVG animation

Loading times and file size must be efficient enough so that they don’t take a lot of memory when a web browser loads the image. This is an issue with older and entry level mobile devices that are still used by many. Without having cutting edge processors and memory, it can be difficult for these older devices to load images that take up for space and require more processing power. The same is true when sharing animated images when using messaging applications. Errors are commonplace when older devices and messaging services cannot render GIFs with their bloated size yet degraded quality. GIF images may appear to hold a near monopoly as the only choice for animated images, but another format appears to be more efficient.

SVG animation provides a better solution. Compared to traditional GIF files, SVG file types are smaller in total kilobyte size and yet do not make any sacrifices in picture quality. In fact, they are better. GIF images tend to take up more space while also providing a grainy, often pixelated rendering of an animated image. Depending on the web browser, it can take a long time , sometimes more than a minute and a half, to load GIFs and sometimes the actual image is no longer than 10 seconds in animated length. Obviously it makes no sense to still use an inferior file type that takes longer than what it shows.

SVG animation is a superior form of rendering animated images. With its seamless production and integration to your website, there’s no need to have to embed complex code to render an actual video file. GIFs take up too much space and are of low quality and grainy appearance. Only the animation provided by SVG remains as the true and superior option for the use of animated photographs and pictures to your website. No site should have to be victim to burdening code that slows down the rendering just because of low quality but antiquated file types. Doing more with less ought to be the goal of any file type. SVG does exactly that, doing more with less, and doing it better. The difference is notable as seen in cleaner and crisp images that appear to play the video as if it were streaming direct from a service like YouTube. For quality’s sake, SVG appears like the superior choice.